FAQ - Why are pre-lit trees not eco-friendly?

In keeping with our purpose: "Making Christmas Eco-Friendly", we have opted to not produce pre-lit Christmas trees as most tree lights are prone to malfunction within a few years after purchase.

Consumers wishing to reuse pre-lit trees for many years may not have the required skills to properly take down, store, and set up these trees annually. There are many fire accidents and electric shocks caused by incorrect usage of pre-lit trees.

Pre-lit trees are pre-wired and strung with lights that cannot be removed from the trees, even when consumers want to change the colour of the lights or to replace some damaged lights a few years after purchase.

Pre-lit trees cannot be reused for 30+ years as Oncor Recycled Christmas trees can. As well, pre-lit trees may be a fire hazard to residential properties and can contain toxic heavy metal elements such as lead.

Pre-lit trees are not made of 100% recycled PVC plastic material because they are classified as electrical products by mandatory UL/CSA regulations. As such, pre-lit trees are not eco-friendly.