4ft Mixed Alberta Fir

  • $119

  • 498 Tips; 38" Max. Diameter
  • Metal Christmas Tree Stand

Our Mixed Alberta Fir Christmas trees are ideal centerpiece trees for larger spaces and feature an elegant dense mixed needle design, darker color shade, and hinge tree construction.

  • Full-size tree design suited for use as a centerpiece.
  • Largest hinge construction tree model manufactured by Oncor.
  • Enjoy quick assembly with a hinge tree construction. Tree assembly of stand, 1-3 trunk sections, and tree top.
  • Currently available in 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, and 7ft sizes.

All Oncor eco-friendly Christmas trees are:

  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY - Manufactured for 30+ Years of Use
  • GREEN - Made from Flame Retardant 100% Recycled Non-Toxic PVC Plastic

    Shipping Weight: 16.4lb

    Box Dimensions: 38" x 10" x 11"

    SKU: 77774

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