5ft Christmas Pine

  • $68

  • 349 Tips; 35.5" Max. Diameter
  • High Density Plastic Christmas Tree Stand

Oncor Christmas Pine hook Christmas trees offer excellent value for Christmas basics done right. Ideal for use in smaller spaces, our Christmas Pine hook trees are great for apartments, tabletops, or smaller displays.

  • Feature a wider profile for a classic look.
  • Lightweight design for smaller spaces and easy storage.
  • Not for use with heavier ornaments or decorations.
  • Hook tree construction results in a more relaxed shaping process and efficient packaging. Easily shape the branches from your couch or as a team with branch assembly. Eco-friendly knock-down packaging results in lower emissions, smaller storage requirements, and less shipping + packaging waste.
  • Currently available in 4ft and 5ft sizes.

All Oncor eco-friendly Christmas trees are:

  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY - Manufactured for 30+ Years of Use
  • GREEN - Made from Flame Retardant 100% Recycled Non-Toxic PVC Plastic
  • Shipping Weight: 8.9lb

    Box Dimensions: 30" x 8" x 9"

    SKU: 12250

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